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AARP Young Start Life Insurance
from New York Life Insurance Company

$10,000 of permanent life insurance for just $5 a month1

  • Affordable rates
  • Permanent insurance your grandchildren can keep for life—regardless of health, jobs or hobbies
  • Builds cash value over time
  • Coverage for children and grandchildren under age 182
  • Over 2 million AARP members have trusted New York Life

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Not available in Maryland, New York or Washington.


Current Monthly Premiums for Children

Benefit Amount Monthly Premium
$10,000 $5.00
$15,000 $7.50
$20,000 $10.00
Premiums above are the rates New York Life currently charges for each child insured. Premiums are not guaranteed. However, rates may change only if they are changed for all others in the same class of insureds under this group/individual policy. For example, a class of insureds is a group of people with the same issue age and gender. If relevant statements of age or facts are not accurate, New York Life will make a fair adjustment of premiums and/or insurance. Residents of Florida: Jason Montgomery is a licensed Florida agent for service to Florida residents.


Features and Benefits

Who is Eligible
AARP members ages 50 to 80 are eligible to purchase AARP Young Start coverage for their children or grandchildren up to 17 years old.2

No Medical Exam
No physical exam or medical tests are needed. Acceptance is based on your answers to health questions and other information you provide.

An Exclusion
If death results from suicide in the first two years, benefits will not be paid.3
The Beneficiary
The beneficiary will be the child's parent, guardian, or estate representative. At age 21, the child will become the owner and be able to change the beneficiary.

Valuable Premium Waiver
As long as coverage is in effect for two years prior to your death, further premiums will be waived for each child until he or she turns 21. At that time, to continue coverage, future premiums will become his or her responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Not available in all states.

Includes details on costs, eligibility, renewability, limitations and exclusions.

1Current premium for a child age 3 weeks to 17 years old. Other coverage amounts are available. Please see the rate chart for complete details.

2Issue age for product is 3 weeks to 17 years old. In Texas, the issue age for this product is from birth to 17 years old.

3Missouri and North Dakota Residents: The suicide exclusion applies only for one year.